Pet vs Child adoption

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of people deciding to forgo having children and sticking with the 4 legged babies. Why are more and more moving to adopt or even avoiding the commitment of human children?baby

With the rise in technological advances there is a lot of pressure to stay in the game or else you disappear. If one does not keep up with the times on a current and regular basis than the tendency to completely give up because the propensity to fall so far behind is just too much to come to terms with. Therefore, children are becoming a commitment of the past. When a couple has a child it becomes almost impossible to adjust from an intensely overworked fast paced lifestyle to a slower paced, self/home focused environment. Children cost more money. Yet to focus on a child one or both parents need to decrease their professional productivity. Oxymoron much!?!? Contine reading

…that having a baby and an elderly parent meant I had two babies.

But it’s the right thing to do isn’t it! Take care of your aging Mother after she has been there for me for so many times, so many years.

My mom is my best friend.

I have always been able to turn to her for everything. Now that the tables have turned I’m more than happy, in fact I’m excited to have the opportunity to spend so much time with her.

grannyshotgunAt First She Just Moved Closer

…and closer and closer. When we moved her into an apartment close to us the challenges at the time were minimized. It was nice. I would go visit my mommy everyday and my husband would do the same.

We brought her what she needed. the rest of the time she was able to make new friends (it was an elderly living complex) and play Bridge till her fingers turned into Kings and Aces.

Then the Dr’s Visits Increased

…and so did the errands. We weren’t able to keep up. We used grocery delivery companies for food sourcing. But there wasn’t a way to get her to the physicians and pick up her prescriptions and take her to her beautician and and and. A great resource was a Personal Driver through a limo company. They always sent the same driver and he really catered to my dear mom. He even took the time to get to know the nurses by name and would run into the pharmacy on the way home. Alex became family.

Too Much Is Too Much

It all became too much. Eventually she moved in with us and again, we were stressed but happy to have her. She never complained, wanted only to be in the same room as her grand baby and loved my cooking. Which I know she was faking. Her favorite is Panda Express so let’s say the standards were high…on msg.

Not a Single Regret

I’ve heard so many friends complain about having their mothers move in with them. I don’t understand that. It’s a part of life. It always has been. Just another segment. It’s not forever, just a spoke on the wheel of life. I pray mine take care of me some day.