Pretty is the Thing to Do

Well, it seems The Pretty has been evading me. So I’ve been looking into fast and easy ways to enhance my beauty without too much time or commitment. There are a lot of options actually that may seem extreme but I am taking them seriously so judge lightly:

  • Permanent Make Up – It’s a one time shot to get a little eye liner and lip tint. Then no more daily applications needed. Maybe a touch up after about 10 years. No eyeliner for 10 years? Sign me tha bleep up.
  • Breast Enhancement- come on, what is “real” or “natural” about most of the applications we partake in every single day? Lipstick, mascara, high heels, shiny objects in holes we’ve put in our bodies or around our extremities, spanx, spray tan, on and on. Well my breasts are not what they used to be but damn my kid is cute. So cute he sucked the cute right out of my fun bags. New fun bags pronto please.
  • Shellack Mani Pedi- not quite as invasive but lasts a month at least. My hands are constantly taking a beating and polish lasts a day. One day if I’m lucky. Slap those chemicals on. I’m game.
  • Colored Contacts- kidding. I can’t even stand to pull a teensy lint particle out of the corner of my eye much less suction a plastic whatchamacollit to. Blaaaak.
  • IS there such a thing as permanent spray tan?
  • Hair Extensions- Ok here we have a big huge winner ladies! There is a bit of time and financial commitment. It takes about three hours for application but lasts 5 months. Costs average $550 which breaks down to a little over $100 a month. WORTH IT! Gorg long full hair that looks like I just stepped off the beach. Sold. Hubby Will Heart.
  • Juvederm Filler for lips+ – every six months getting a little poke or two to have fuller lips and a more pronounced cheekbone that make everything look plump and young again. I am probably going to start with just the lips but very interested in this. As long as numbing creme is involved.
  • Photo Facial – it takes about 5 treatments to see a difference evidently. Doesn’t do much for wrinkles, mostly pigmentation. I’m still for it. Being a sunny bunny as a kiddo has left me with spotty splotchy’s on my face and hands. This process lifts the damage to the surface then poof….Let’s just go ahead and wipe those right off.

If I continue down the appearance enhancement road I could really take a detour and end up looking like a puppet. As so many women we know do. This is not the point. I want to look like me only better. I am not interested in looking different per say. Just a little prettier if possible in the most natural manner. I realize that have my face injected with a foreign synthetic substance sounds horrendous to the ear, to the eye it sure does look nice. Now to the pocketbook they all look a little scary.

All options considered….I am going to start with extensions and botox.

It has been decided.


Too Busy To Rant…Then Again.

The definition of success has become as plastic and fake as the response to the question “How are you?” The fact of the matter is, success is not in the eye, rather the heart, soul and emotion of the beholder. Does that therefore constitute success as an emotion rather then a predicament or position? It actually flows right off the tongue, “How are you today?” “I’m very successful thanks for asking.”

Success as an emotion qualifies acting from pure desire. Not very many desire to work late, barely sleep, up early, work late, viscous cycle. The sleep we do get is poor sleep. First the task of Turing off the brain takes what seems a lifetime. Heavens forbid a readjustment in the middle of the night that allows one teensy thought to slip in then it’s awake again and the onslaught of insomnia incurs.

There may be something to learn from the millenials of today. They are entitled to everything and actually get it. It very likely could be their optimistic state of mind. Like attracts like. The Millenials believe therefor receive. How about that tattooed across your forehead so you don’t forget it. Working our fingers to the bone was yesteryears generation.

There came a point where busy became and emotional answer. Why not replace that with “successful”!?! Busy seems to make people feel important but with an negative connotation behind it. It is more of a brag laced in a complaint. Crazy busy!! And how easily the conversations turn south after that. Tired, worn out, obligations (chosen not required).

Busy is a facade. It’s not real. We make the choice to be busy. Instead lets choose to be successful. It’s a statement that is both positive and true. Successful at running, or eating breakfast, even just sneaking in that cup of joe from Coffee Bean. Consuming the entire day with lil mini successes….not busy(s).

Busy can even become a personality if you’re not careful. Busy becomes stressed becomes cranky becomes exhausted equals a constant state of mind equals bad habits equals a constant bad mood equals your personality. How did this happen? And what exactly is getting accomplished? Got to work on time to what? Make it to the meeting on time to what? Just task after task. Ok maybe if you are a scientist solving HIV, Cancer and Krohn’s Disease sure. Let’s stick with the majority though. The every day person has become so busy they are breeding BUSY. Kids have thicker schedules than a prickly pear in west Texas.

Are you feeling less empty by filling your life to the brim with all this busy? Yuk. Afraid of being left alone to sit alone with your own thoughts? Peace and quiet are somes greatest fear. Take a good look around next time you are at a park. No one sits still; fidgeting, fb-ing, insta-ing, ing-ing. Idleness is not just to be enjoyed on vacation. Without the quiet that idleness provides a suffering of the busy infliction blurs the vision of a healthy perspective. Taking  a step back and looking good and hard at what is important. Even doctors stress how important rest and relaxation is. There isn’t a single health/nutrition book written that doesn’t agree.

Enough with the nonsense.

Enter Meditate.

Stay Tuned…..

Pet vs Child adoption

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of people deciding to forgo having children and sticking with the 4 legged babies. Why are more and more moving to adopt or even avoiding the commitment of human children?baby

With the rise in technological advances there is a lot of pressure to stay in the game or else you disappear. If one does not keep up with the times on a current and regular basis than the tendency to completely give up because the propensity to fall so far behind is just too much to come to terms with. Therefore, children are becoming a commitment of the past. When a couple has a child it becomes almost impossible to adjust from an intensely overworked fast paced lifestyle to a slower paced, self/home focused environment. Children cost more money. Yet to focus on a child one or both parents need to decrease their professional productivity. Oxymoron much!?!? Contine reading

…that having a baby and an elderly parent meant I had two babies.

But it’s the right thing to do isn’t it! Take care of your aging Mother after she has been there for me for so many times, so many years.

My mom is my best friend.

I have always been able to turn to her for everything. Now that the tables have turned I’m more than happy, in fact I’m excited to have the opportunity to spend so much time with her.

grannyshotgunAt First She Just Moved Closer

…and closer and closer. When we moved her into an apartment close to us the challenges at the time were minimized. It was nice. I would go visit my mommy everyday and my husband would do the same.

We brought her what she needed. the rest of the time she was able to make new friends (it was an elderly living complex) and play Bridge till her fingers turned into Kings and Aces.

Then the Dr’s Visits Increased

…and so did the errands. We weren’t able to keep up. We used grocery delivery companies for food sourcing. But there wasn’t a way to get her to the physicians and pick up her prescriptions and take her to her beautician and and and. A great resource was a Personal Driver through a limo company. They always sent the same driver and he really catered to my dear mom. He even took the time to get to know the nurses by name and would run into the pharmacy on the way home. Alex became family.

Too Much Is Too Much

It all became too much. Eventually she moved in with us and again, we were stressed but happy to have her. She never complained, wanted only to be in the same room as her grand baby and loved my cooking. Which I know she was faking. Her favorite is Panda Express so let’s say the standards were high…on msg.

Not a Single Regret

I’ve heard so many friends complain about having their mothers move in with them. I don’t understand that. It’s a part of life. It always has been. Just another segment. It’s not forever, just a spoke on the wheel of life. I pray mine take care of me some day.